01-03-2015 22:29:22

Welcome to modXhost, CMS Advisory, Templates and Integration

Built from scratch, powered by modX cms web applications engine

If you've ever wondered what a content management system does and what it's used for and how, then starting with MODx is a very good option. It's advanced web technology and not necessarily considered a beginners content management solution, but if your making a career of building scalable upward compatible web sites, then it's worth pitching in the time to learn all there is about modX.

This site (modxhost.com) was entirely built from scratch using modX, which is neat - but the really outstanding feature is that we documented and pictorialized absolutely 'everything' we did (and are still doing), starting with a completely empty domain - through to what's being typed here.

Every change made (and how) has been screen shot and documented.

Hosting your modx powered website!

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When evaluating any content management system (like a new toy) it's nice to get that wrapping paper off and start playing with it straight away. 

It's especially important for everything to happen 'quick' because there are so many systems out there to choose from. Expedience can be a deciding factor if a system takes too long to install, or presents a level of difficulty where it would be easier to move on to the next system.

Why modXcms ?

modX is incredibly quick and simple to install and start using from the get-go. BUT, this relative 'ease' wasn't immediately obvious from the time the installation zip was downloaded, in fact, it took us 'four' installations before we got the hang of it and realized how easy it really was.

Following the steps we've documented, your site can be modX powered and up in running in no time.

About modXcms

modX is a content management framework and is simply the best scalable upward compatible - open source, content management solution available today. Seeing really is believing, for what it delivers put into words really sounds too good to be true, so here you can watch it's numerous applications come to life with an easy to follow tutorial documenting every step involved in the creation of this site - or, you can visit MODx for an indepth technical overview of the raw power modX has to offer.

If your wanting to know what the community is saying about MODx, you can also visit here MODx Forums.