Moviestarplanet Hack Games Android, iOS

The best hacks for the movie star planet games

The moviestar planet hacks are some of the best hacking tool for the game with the same name. You can earn a lot of points with the hacks. It helps you to access locked bonus points for free. The game is very popular and hence the hacks are popular as well.

Online video games are growing so popular these days among children and adults alike that it is hard to imagine life without them for many people. So much so that the games have become a raging online business for those who are creating them. Here we are going to discuss why the moviestarplanet hacks are so popular today.

Movie Star Planet, MovieStarPlanet

Helps to quickly jump levels

The moviestarplanet cheats are one of the best way in which you can jump the levels in the game. You can easily skip playing parts of the game and even an entire level with the help of the hacks. This way you can go ahead of your fellow players without any effort at all. You may not be able to tackle any particular task and such cheats will ensure that you can skip them easily.

Helps with earning points fast

The cheats helps you to generate a large number of diamonds without even earning them through various tasks and hence you can easily earn a lot of points by playing with the help of moviestarplanet online hacks. The points which you generate are going to take you forward in the game itself.

Saves your time

The moviestarplanettool website helps you to generate a large amount of diamonds, bonus points within a short period of time and hence you do not have o spent hours playing the game to get the point. This is the easiest way to ensure that you stay ahead of others without giving much time to the game.

It is free

The hack is free and you can easily hack your way through paid levels of the game. You do not have to pay real money to unlock bonuses that your fellow players have to do. Many of us are so addicted to such games that we are in constant search for shortcuts and easier ways in which we can hack the gaming platform and win without any cost.

Easily available

The hacks are available easily all over the internet and you can apply it to your game without any hitches at all.

Facetime Android

Facetime Android

Apple’s video calling system is called Facetime. It allows you to actually see the person you are talking to on the other end of the phone. It is extremely user friendly and fun, too. It works especially great for kids calling the grandparents. When it was first introduced Apple promised that it would be an open source across the board, but we are all still holding our breath. Unfortunately, many of the techniques that Apple uses to improve the Facetime experience do not pair well with other platforms. This means the system is not compatible with other systems. Many people continue to hold their breath in hopes that facetime actually comes to the Android platform one day.


Others have developed and found interesting ways around the interface problem. The two biggest alternatives are Skype and Facebook Messenger that just added video calls. You do have to be on Facebook to use the video messenger but most people already are. People made over one million video messenger calls in the first two days it was introduced and it has been smooth sailing from there.

Skype, on the other hand, has been around basically since the internet was introduced. (Not really, but it has been around a very long time) It is free to use and very friendly to the end user. You must have a Skype ID but that is just a matter of downloading the application and entering your details. Skype is great for business meetings and free long distance calls.

Facetime for Android specifically has not yet come around but there are some great alternatives. People are creative and there are plenty of Android applications that offer video calls. Viber is another alternative and so is Google Hangouts. It really just depends on which system you are running and what platform you are most comfortable using.

Most of the applications are free and it’s just a matter of downloading them. There is one available for just about every system out there and new ones are popping up every day. Try a few and find one that works for you. A facetime application is a great alternative to just talking on the phone. They are fun, easy to use, and there are plenty of choices out there. They work great for everything from planning a night out, to business meetings, and even letting the kids talk to grandma.

hay day

Online Generator: Hay Day Hack

Online Generator: Hay Day Hack: Cautions to Enjoy Your Game!

When playing any game, you want to have fun. Opting for cheats and codes can really help to make playing easier, so you get through various levels and elements of the game. All games have them, and you can download programs to offer you a Hay Day hack, cheat or code for that specific game. The problem is you need to be careful. There are various programs out there, and the last thing you want is to open your device to thieves. Here are four simple tips to protect yourself while you hack Hay Day.

Do Your Research

Just because you’ve found a page that takes you directly to a cheat, it’s important to do your research. Don’t just download the Hay Day hack. The best way to find out if it is genuine is to look into review sites for those who want to hack Hay Day. If it has been used in the past and is genuine, people will recommend it online.

If something is fake and only used to get your own details, other users will warn you. Fortunately for you, there will likely be others who have downloaded the hack in the past and suffered the consequences.

When there isn’t anything online, don’t assume that it is good. It could be a new hack that hasn’t been tested out yet. Download with caution, just in case.

hay day game cheat

Find Out Who Is Supplying It

While finding out about the various hacks, it’s worth finding out who is supplying the cheats and codes. Is this by a Hay Day player? Maybe you’ve found a hack that has been created by officials or those who are big fans of the game.

This is a great way of testing whether the hack or cheat is genuine. You may find out that the individual who has created it has made various other hacks and has a bad reputation for stealing details. This should set off warning bells, even if it has only been the first offense. Protect yourself by only finding trustworthy individuals.

Do You Need to Download Something?

Not every hack for Hay Day will require downloading on your device. Some will have a code that you can input. This tends to be much safer, but it is still worth treading with caution. You still need to do your research. The problem is some of these codes can have trackers within them so individuals know who have used them.

If you do need to download something, you want to continue with extra caution. This is where viruses and tracking software can easily be added. You could accidently open your device up to hackers.


What Details Do You Need to Share?

Always find out what details you require to share with the individuals offering the Hay Day hack or cheat. Some may say that the hack is free, but then ask for credit card details to verify you. This should set off warning bells, because why should anyone need to verify you when it is free? The most you should be asked for is your name and email address so the download can be sent to you. Some of the most genuine ones will only ask you for your email address or a Facebook user ID.

It is still worth being cautious when the sites ask for email addresses and Facebook IDs. This is sometimes used as a way to get more details to set up fake profiles and con others out of money. You still need to do the research stated in the first part of this article.

There are some great genuine hacks for Hay Day out there, and they offer a great way to enjoy your game further. The problem is there are unscrupulous people out there looking to steal details. Do your research and think carefully about the information asked so you get access to a Hay Day hack. Being cautious will help protect you in the future.

Gangstar Vegas

How to Use Gangstar Vegas Hack

Gangstar Vegas Hack

Gangstar Vegas is an open-world action game available on iOS and Android devices. It’s set in modern day Las Vegas and revolves around a skilled MMA fighter named Jason Malone. Jason is a former bouncer in a club in Vegas. He was given the chance to train and become a pro MMA fighter. Gangstar Vegas is the 5th Gangster game. It has aspects from third-person shooters and driving games. With its open-world gameplay, players are allowed to play the game in various modes.

Gangstar Vegas CheatIf you want to play the game in story mode, there’s an MMA player option for you to take. You can also make your own gangster team or play the game in mission mode. The game will, however, give you a limited amount of money that you can spend fast. If you want to improve your game, you can always use the Gangstar Vegas hack tool to add more money to your account.

How to Use Gangstar Vegas Hack

People use smartphones more often than ever. These devices are not just used for communication, but also to check social networks and play games. You can download hack Gangstar Vegas hack online and use it to play the game.

Hack Gangstar Vegas

What Can You Get From this Hack Tool?

Gangstar Vegas hack allows you to add a large amount of cash to your gaming account. You will spend a lot of money if you will try getting unlimited cash in the game without using kind of cheat. When you download this hack tool, you can get a good amount of cash to play the game for as long as you want. That money can be used to purchase guns to attack and beat your opponents. It is possible to buy unlimited weapons such as ammos, guns and a lot more. Other features of the hack tool include:

  • 100% safe
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Generate large SP amounts
  • Doesn’t need jailbreak or root
  • User-friendly interface
  • Generate large amounts of keys
  • Easy to use

How to Get the Hack Tool

  • Surf the web for “Gangstar Vegas hack.”
  • Read the terms and conditions. Once you’re done, click download.
  • Follow the instructions.

Is this Tool Safe?

You don’t have to worry as the Gangstar Vegas hack tool is completely safe to use. There’s no need to worry about your account getting banned as no one can detect that you are using a hack tool to play the game.

Who Can Use the Gangstar Vegas Hack Tool?

All users of Android and iOS devices can benefit from the hack tool. If you love playing Gangstar Vegas, you should try the Gangstar Vegas Hack tool to get unlimited resources and enjoy the game at its best. Since the hack tool is compatible with various versions of the game, you can use the tool regardless of the version you have. It is also free from any malware or virus, so you can use it with peace of mind knowing that your phone won’t be harmed.


Marvel Contest of Champions Hack Cheats Tool


Marvel Contest of Champions is an amazing game for iOS and Android devices. It is a game wherein the winner will decide what fate the Earth will face. The enemy in this game is Kang the Conqueror, who wants Earth in his latest conquest while the player acts as the “summoner”, trying to keep the planet as it is. The battle is fought by collecting, upgrading, and battling using the Marvel heroes many knew from comics and movies.


The most crucial part of this game is the battle itself. You need to acquire gold, units, ISO-8, energy, and versus. As you win each battle, you will have the chance to unlock more Marvel heroes. Unfortunately you can’t progress well on the game if you got no gold and units left. The game has a feature which limits the battle a player can compete. Your energy recharges automatically as time pass by and you can refill your energy manually. There are also additional crystals and other items to be found in chests as the player finishes a battle.

Just like any other games the energy and life in this game are limited and recharge in certain amount of time. This can be frustrating, especially if you are so engrossed in the game, yet you still need to wait until you recharges. This is no longer a problem because Marvel Contest of Champions Hack! Marvel of Champions Cheats!


Marvel Contest of Champions hack is an online tool designed to cheat and advance in this game. With this tool you can easily add unlimited amount of gold, units, energy and versus. You may also have the chance to unlock all the Marvel heroes and have them play in the battle. With the use of this tool you will have the great chance to defeat Kang the Conqueror. Online generators will guide on how to have this tool downloaded for free.

Game of War Fire Age

Game of War Fire Age Tips and Tricks

There are many people who are addicted with different games in mobile phones. Aside from the enjoyment they receive, satisfaction and possibility of winning to elevate the excitement it gives to players. One of the many games is the Game of War – Fire Age. This game has gone into its strength and keeps that state ever since the initial release this game.

There are many ways as to how can people enjoy the Game of War. Thru its accessibility there is no doubt why people dearly loved to engage in this exciting and fun-filled game. To keep the fire burning upon playing this amazing game, tricks and tips will definitely hold you with that kind of momentum. That is why there are persons with authority who made a way in helping the newcomers to completely enjoy their game playing. They will be given best strategies that will aid them to figure out the path of taking the road of victory in this game.

People who love to play the Game of War – Fire Age must take note the helpful tips and tricks below in order to obtain maximum excitement of this game for making their way toward the domination of world.

  • Follow its quest lines that it offers by the first time you take a play of this game. They will run thru the basics that are considered to be better as compared with any kind of explanation that people may offer. To add, it can give the settled foundations that are ready for the steady path toward the success of being the best.
  • Player must be aware of a specific quest. It may entail of asking you to scout for another player that can be a potential recipe for the disaster if ever you annoy a wrong person.
  • Choosing the right player thru the random full name of numbers and letters. It will tend to give meaning that they have not thrown fully into themselves in the game. This is because they have not renamed their identity that is why they are quite weak. Even better, it is a possibility that they might abandon this game in some of the earlier point.
  • Keep an eye also about the kind of alliance a player is being scouted as part of it. being safe in numbers can be the key for this. There is no need for annoying someone because that is a part of the big alliance.

Game of War Fire Age

Sticking Together

If possible, you may join the alliance. Game of War – Fire Age is not like the other games that being an anti-social is just ok. Great success must be the downfall in order to be part of the alliance.

  • First thing, alliance in this game is defined as asking others of help to speed up the timers upon researching or building things. In return, player may do the same thing just like the other players.
  • Build a reputation and name for oneself. People will more likely willing to extend help if they recognize you of being who you are instead of being an anonymous player.
  • Always to keep following orders. Alliance is a serious business because they can protect players from attacking individuals. One must be a team player to maximize the potential of playing the game. It may be tedious at some point but it will pay everything in the long process.
  • Having been said those things; there is no need to mouth off in the general chat. As you wanted to build for a name on your own within an alliance, you do not want of drawing an undue attention toward other. They might become keen in bringing you down to avoid winning in this game.

Resources are of Great Help

Always keep the resources ticking as you take this game as much as possible. Game of War – Fire Age is quite a pretty tactic due to the limited space of allocating the player’s resources.

  • Build for about 10 farms together with the other spaces that are divided up in between some of other resources. You may watch as you are frequently being short of having anything for a specific run of the game.
  • You may focus on the farm building if you wanted to have huge amass army in terms of the production of food. However, a more balance approach is far better than this.

Build for your Win

  • By the time that you joined the alliance, you may use the free teleport in moving your city into another location near your ally. Simply do it and it will help you a lot.
  • By the time that it is done, you may focus on the upgrading of stronghold. Do not take it in different order. If the stronghold reaches the level 6, you will lose a free teleport.
  • Build many villas in order to gain silver that is important for research. You may also try keeping everything to be reasonably balanced.
  • Hospitals are very vital because it help people get in troops to back up into scratch after the rough battle. But one must also need great number of barracks in training the troops up.
  • Try keeping the storehouse in accordance with the other level of resources so that nothing will go into waste.
  • Level up an academy by the time that you get into it for a better unit in throwing the enemy’s way.

Keep Your Busyness

Take for a daily and alliance quest during the time you play. There are handy free rewards and it will add an interesting game than just a simple busy work. You may also scout for places that are abandoned for attack. There are some players who will give up but still left many resources in order to gain an easy profit. After all, there will be no fear of experiencing retaliation.

There are many ways as how you can enjoy this game. But there is only one way for an easy winning and that is thru the Game of War – Fire Age Tips and Tricks.

Fun Run 2

Fun Run 2 Cheats and Tips

Fun Run 2 is a free access play for Android and iOs games. It offers four people to slaughter one another in different route until one can reach the finish line. Adorable animals are highly ripped into shred in this dirtBit game. Player can expect an easy and brutal gaming that everyone will definitely enjoy the most. But if you are not careful it will be easy for you to lose this game.

As people play this game they cannot help but to be terrified and feel the excitement of this game. However, such terrible excitement will fade away if you fail to win this game. And of course, everyone wanted to always set the standard being the best all the time. One way to achieve that is thru the use of tips and cheats of this Fun Run 2 game. These things will guide you to keep alive and avoid the possibility of losing the game.

Fun Run 2

Check out the following tips and cheats that will lead to your victory upon enjoying to play the Fun Run 2 game:

Climbing Up the Walls: If you fall in a pit, there is nothing for to worry about. You only need to do is press a jump button then your chosen character will immediately jump up into the wall. By the time you already reach the given finish line, you may quit the present race without gaining any penalty.

Using of Power-Ups: By the time the player made a dash in the 2D landscape, be sure to lookout for the scattered boxes throughout an environment. Within it is one of the eight power ups that will able to give an entire important edge. The list comprises of bear traps in order to rip the opponents and saw blades which will chop them into two. There will also be lightning strike for shocking the enemies, a speed boost as well as protective shield. These things will allow you to make invincible in just a matter of six seconds. All you have to do is run in a box for picking up one of the above items. Afterwards, you will press its left button for activating it. Do it as fast as possible as you may want to utilize many power up as long as you want.

Practicing Against Computer

Honing ones skills against an artificial intelligence for Practice mode wherein a computer is almost ruthless as the pesky humans. You may have an excessive jump in order to slow you a little bit.

Watching Out for the Random Objects

Any developers will litter every course having the items that are designed in order to impede the progress. Each second counts regarding the idea of this of game. So you better keep the eyes on track all the time. The power up for heart will allow the players in absorbing a certain hit.

Memorizing Tracks

It will be easier for you to win in this game if you have enough knowledge about the track. It will go hand in hand upon learning the placement of bear traps wherein people may think that the other players may land in accordance with the jump.

Watching the Position of Player

By the time of race, the game will display the position of entire player together with the bottom of its screen. Watching this can be really the great way in seeing your placement in the game. It will help you identify if you are behind or front already.

Buying for More Coins

You may wish to collect for more coins in order to customize your own Avatar. Try spending some of your real cash for gaining more.

Aside from the given above cheats and tips, you may every ability you have in this in the right way and right timing. By the time that you are in a competition you will not to obtain the up random power. Try using it by following the varied employed people for increasing the speed. It is simply because of its ability to destroy the things that you will not use during this game. By the time you start doing the game together with the increasing of speed you can expect for a great game of winning.

As soon as the game starts, you must obtain the guard which is applied instantly. You will definitely get protected thru this kind of varying competitors that are playing towards you. Try using it by the time people with differing ideas are jumping or hiking on the ledge in order for you to obtain the power ups magnet. To add, you can make use of wheel the shrikes properly. There is a possibility that you may kill yourself, do not simply toss in a quick by the time you have it.

You may use the tossing upon approaching thru stones or click because it may allow for jumping back again in different people who are presently coming before you. Different power ups such as rat traps, container capture and lightning can be also used. The first thing to do is notice the atmosphere if it is in an excellent stature before making of these forces.

Those forces can direct one in running slow in another for an important extremity suggestion may not constantly bounce in continues way. Try attempting to catch the question mark containers to possible acquire the powers by the competition is starting. Locating the barriers on road in order to help can bring different people into acting on it.

It is good to create familiarized routes if you memorize an extreme handy route. It will be easier for you to positions the raps as well as choosing the right time.

Take the above tips and cheats in order for you to obtain the great possibility of winning this game. It is just a matter of being familiar with the game and integrates the above information. Losing will never be a part of your game upon playing the Fun Run 2.


clash-of-clans cheats tips hacks code gems elixir gold

Clash of Clans Tricks, Tips and Online Hack

clash of clansAdmit it. This is the reality of the game. Yu are going to be attacked while you are not there to monitor everything and while your defence is at lowest point. Though it is really annoying or frustrating but there are times that you are going to be plowed. However, did you know that there is a blessing in disguise between those attacks? Review the punks that heartlessly defaced your built village while you are gone. You can also decide if you are going to take your revenge on them. Well, this is some sort of strategic plan since you the chance to see their village before you do your killer moves and train various units for a very special kind of assault.

  • Wall Breaker Elixir Bank

Are you considering your Barracks only importance is one training if your troops. That is definitely not true. If you really don’t know, you can train as many as you can even though you are not connected in the internet. As you train your troops through this method, your elixir, on the other hand will be ‘spent’. That simply implies that you have the power to queue the entire barracks until they became full. Your elixir at this point will be securely banked for those who are attempting to attack your village. Remember that if you boost up the level of your Wall Breakers and Barracks, the more chances you can give protection to your Elixir.

  • 1250 trophies

As you reach 3 stars particularly on the achieving Sweet Victory, then there is no doubt that you could get 450 gems. But that is not the secret here. As much as possible begin your journey into the Town Hall level 6 or you can opt for lower level. This would give you the opportunity to find a village which do have town hall out of the walls. When you find one, you are already guaranteed that you have one star as well as few trophies.

clash of clans hack gems

These are three of so many tricks and tips which might be helpful for you to gain another achievement in the game. This resource-based game which used your strategy skills aims to enhance your critical thinking skills as well as improve your sportsmanship. So whatever happen in the game, make sure you are not taking it seriously. Have fun!